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  • When it comes to being all natural and avoiding toxins and all that, I go through phases. Years ago, before I was jugging a big job, motherhood, and a blog, I had lots of time to read every magazine and book and I went on a huge kick to get rid of all environmental toxins in our apartment, from replacing our vinyl shower curtain liner to buying all green, non-toxic cleaning products and clearing out kitchen of bad plastics. I eased up as life got crazier and I just got too busy to stress over it all. And realistically, some green cleaners just didn’t get my bathtub or toilet clean like Clorox. It was the same with my beauty products — as much as I was worried about certain ingredients, I pushed it out of mind because I just wanted my skin to be clear and my hair to be shinier and fuller, and my armpits not to smell or sweat, and I found the green, non-toxic products just didn’t get the job done as well, especially the natural deodorants.

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  • If you get dry, chapped lips in the winter and are constantly applying Chapstick, Kiehl’s or whatever lip balm that doesn’t really work, I am about to change your life. I never had super dry lips until I went on Accutane. (I will write a whole post on that another time, because it was honestly the best thing I ever did and I can’t believe I spent my whole teenage life with acne and didn’t go on it sooner, but that’s another day.) In any event, my lips did get dry as a side effect, and it was horrible. Just the feeling of dry, chapped, peel-y lips is the worst. When my amazing but fancy dermo, who is really the best, but caters to the Park Avenue crowd, said she had a secret weapon to combat my dry lips, I got nervous that it was going to be a pricey balm. And honestly, I would have paid anything at that point for a lip balm that actually worked on dry lips. But then she told me to go to Amazon and order a few tubes of Dr. Dan’s Corti-balm.

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