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Easy Outfit Formula: Overalls + Crop Tops

by krismkoch

I’m a huge fan of overalls. I have been ever since I can remember. (Seriously. My mom has pics of me as a baby in overalls.) They’re just so comfortable and forgiving, and I actually find them to be less annoying than pants to take on/off for bathroom runs. But, they’re not exactly the sexiest item in my closet. Even the more form-fitting styles that are trending now still fall into what I like to call the “man repeller” category. In other words, not exactly the hottest date night option, at least not compared to a pair of skinny jeans. But slip a crop top underneath and suddenly, overalls are no longer a man repellant. What I especially love about the pairing is that a crop top is generally too much skin for me when paired with jeans but with overalls, you have a nice balance of proportions and that perf flash of skin that’s sexy without giving too much away. Like she looks like she has nice abs but I can’t see that she’s at Boot Camp six days a week (or that she’s been slacking off). It’s the perfect weekend outfit, and with a jacket over, it can even work at a casual office like mine.

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ashley madekwe-cropped overalls jumpsuit - lace up heels - summer to fall via www

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