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Holiday Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

by krismkoch
holiday gifts for 5 year old boys

Like everyone else, I’m worried about supply chain issues and shipping delays, so I’ll be starting my holiday shopping early this year. I’ve rounded up gifts for her, gifts for guys, stocking stuffers, hostesses, and teachers, and now, I’m focusing on finding Christmas presents for the kiddies. I know there are tons of gift guides out there right now, but I always like the hyper specific roundups when shopping for my own kids (broken down by their exact age and gender), so I am sharing the same for my own. It helps me get organized and find some super cool gifts, and I think it’s more helpful than “gifts for little boys” because their preferences and skill sets change so much each year. I rounded up the best holiday gifts for 5 year olds boys from my own research of toys that James loves playing with that we own or that he is asking for and loves playing with at other kids’ houses, or from recs from my mom squad. I included a mix of educational and fun gifts — I think for the holidays, a mix of both is nice.

In rounding up my favorite holiday gifts for 5 year old boys, I tried very hard not to include any that would break within 10 minutes or that would only hold their attention for 5 minutes. I really prefer to invest in toys that my kids will play with over and over again and that will keep them occupied. I also want to know that when they’re playing, their brains are being stimulated while they’re having fun. I hope this round up makes it easier for you to shop for your growing little guys. Here are my favorite holiday gifts for 5 year old boys.

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