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How To Style an Ear Cuff

by krismkoch

When I was a teen, there was nothing cooler than multiple ear piercings. But that was before the ear cuff was introduced and the ear stack got even cooler. Whether stacked up the ear, sitting alone atop one ear, or making a major statement on a single lobe, ear cuffs are all over the red carpets and streets. I don’t know if I’m cool enough to pull off the look, but I’m obsessed. I typically lean more classic in my jewelry choices, and tend to be minimal when it comes to jewelry anyway, but I am loving ear cuffs right now. I think I may add some piercings to my ears and just go for it. There are so many ways to style an ear cuff, you can make it work with your style, even if you’re more traditional like me. And you really can’t go wrong when it comes to styling an ear cuff. Just stack them up and mix and match. Yep, you can even mix and match metals, and styles. In fact, it’s cooler that way.

I didn’t know if I was cool enough to master the look, so I gathered some inspo. Here are tons of ways to style an ear cuff.

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