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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Toddlers

by krismkoch
Valentine's Day gifts for toddlers

We’re going all out on holidays this year. I need things to look forward to, and so do the kids. Really, we all do. As the first big holiday of the year, I will be going ham for the kids (and Andrew) on Valentine’s Day. Since Omni probably means we will not be having any Valentine’s parties with friends or going out to a romantic dinner, I’ve decided to focus on the things we can do, like make treats and cute valentines for their friends. I’m also scooping up some cute Valentine’s Day gifts for toddlers to give James and Charlotte.

It’s already feeling like a really long winter and there have been so many stressful changes (with school and caregivers in and out due to exposures and a mom trying to hold it all together), and they’ve been total champs. So I figured the kids have earned some little Valentine’s Day treats, and mama earned the right to snap of a pic of the kids in matching heart pajamas, right? Even though this never ending pandemic continues to rob us of so many of the elements that make our celebrations so special, I find that my kids are absolutely thrilled anytime I find an excuse to celebrate a little bigger. They’re over the moon to have a little party with just us (and maybe a few friends this year, please, fingers crossed), some fun treats we bake, decor we DIY, and maybe if they’re lucky, a present or two.

I like to use holidays like Valentine’s Day to get them things they need like pajamas, socks or hair bows as well as a couple things to play with on these cold days when we’re stuck at home. That way they don’t think the Amazon box of activities and books to keep them busy are just a god given right. Here are cute and fun Valentine’s Day gifts for toddlers if you’re looking to make February 14th extra special for your kiddos, too.

valentine's day gifts for toddlers 2021
valentine's gifts for toddlers and little kids 2021

From top left:

Little Blue Truck Valentine

Heart Pajamas

Heart Box Decorating Kit

Heart Goggles

Heart Romper

Valentine’s Day Craft Kit

Heart String Lantern

Heart Pacifier Clip

Navy and Red Heart Pajamas

Heart Waffle Maker

The Day It Rained Hearts Book

Valentine’s Day Playdoh

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