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What to Wear This Weekend (No. 65)

by krismkoch

It’s hot AF in NYC, but unfortunately, we’ll be spending a lot of this weekend in the city packing up to move on Monday. (Yes, we’re moving on Monday. Yes, it happened out of nowhere. Yes, I’m 8.5 months pregnant. No, we’re not ready.) But we will be taking some breaks to go out to eat and get ice cream, because how else do you motivate to pack? And on Saturday, we have a big family┬ábirthday party to attend in NJ that hopefully will take place in the AC but somehow I doubt it. So much for my vision of sitting on the beach and doing nothing for the final weekends of the summer. Sigh. But it has to be done, and I seriously cannot wait to move into our new spot. I love the idea of starting fresh and REDECORATING.

Whether you’ll be soaking up the sun at the beach or pool or getting shit done in the city like us, here’s how to look cute and comfy all weekend long.

Friday Night: Pre-Packing Dinner With Bae

what to wear this weekend



Saturday Afternoon: Family Birthday Party

what to wear this weekend

luella & june/instagram


Saturday Night: Dinner Out

weekend-denim jacket-striped dress-summer dress-sundress-slides-

9 to 5 chic


Sunday: Packing, Brunch and Possibly Some Pool Time

weekend-cutoffs-straw hat-coverup-beach-


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