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What to Wear This Weekend (No. 67)

by krismkoch

Since it still feels like summer and I still feel like a beached whale waiting for the little one to arrive, we’re going to try to hit up the pool this weekend. But I’m also trying to overschedule us with brunches, errands, shopping and movies — pretty much anything to keep busy while we wait the babies arrival/to distract me from how uncomfy and pregs I feel. Slash trying to enjoy those “last days of childless freedom” that all our friends with kids keep snarkily warning us about. Like we get it, life will be over soon. Thanks for the reminder. Doesn’t take away the fact that I’m 9 months pregs and feel to large and in charge and swollen and achy to do anything, or that we’re not totally aware that we’re in for a major change, but thanks for the reminders that we’re wasting our last days of freedom and life. Can you tell how much fun I am to be around rn?


Whether you’re heading to the beach or pool to soak in the still summer-like weather, hitting the streets of NYFW, brunching and prepping for fall, or binge-watching this weekend, here’s how to look chic and comfy all weekend long.

Friday Night: Mexican Food With Bae




Saturday Afternoon: Brunch and Pool

what to wear this weekend

luella & june

Saturday Night: Dinner and Movie With Friends



Sunday: Errands, Shopping, and Binge-Watching


what to wear this weekend


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