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What to Wear This Weekend (No. 68)

by krismkoch

With a three week year old, my weekend plans won’t be taking me far from home, but we’ve actually been more social than pre-baby. Everyone tells you to go out as much as possible when you’re pregs because you’ll never have a social life again, but that’s just annoying because you’re tired and big af. And I’ve actually found the opposite to be true. Everyone wants to come see the baby and since we have a new apartment with an enormous deck, it feels like we’ve been entertaining nonstop. I’m not complaining though, it makes me feel more like a person and it helps break the endless cycle of feed, diaper change, attempt catnap. This weekend my brother and his new gf are up. We’re going to have them over for dinner tonight and attempt to join them for some sightseeing, brunch etc. and if we have energy left, I was thinking of taking James apple picking even though he’s way too young for that and I’ll probably just end up hiding in the car and feeding him but do it for the Insta, right?


Friday Night: Dinner Party at Chez Moi


luella & june


Saturday Afternoon: Brunch and Showing Visitors Around the City

weekend outfit


Saturday Night: Dinner in the City With Brother and Friends



Sunday: Apple Picking








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