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What To Wear To A Spring Wedding

by krismkoch

It’s that time of year where calligraphed envelopes fill up your mailbox, wedding presents, plane tix and dresses drain your bank account, and nuptials and related parties fill your weekends. Yes, I’m talking about spring and the start to wedding season. Personally, spring weddings are my favorite. The weather is starting to warm up, there are tons of pretty spring dresses to choose from, and you can usually get away with wearing sandals. Plus, spring weddings are such a fun way to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and the end of winter.

I actually find dressing for spring weddings to be the easiest of any season because stores are filled with pretty new arrivals. But finding the perfect dress is always a struggle, so I’ve rounded up a bunch of great options to wear to a spring wedding.

From top left: 

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