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My Favorite Places to Shop for Maternity Clothes

by krismkoch
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I’ve been getting a lot of requests for my favorite places to shop for maternity clothes. While I don’t tend to buy that many maternity clothes when pregnant, between my now three pregnancies, I have tried maternity clothes from just about every brand that sells them. So I know the market pretty well by now, and spoiler alert: it’s seriously lacking.

I actually considered starting a maternity line because I have been so disappointed by the lack of options and how much time you have to spend looking for maternity clothes (or non-maternity clothes that’ll fit the bump). You have enough to worry about when you’re pregnant; finding something to wear that fits and looks cute shouldn’t be one of them.

I’ve worked through all of my pregnancies so I’ve needed a solid wardrobe that includes office-appropriate outfits as well as fancier pieces for events and casual looks for weekends — though this pregnancy I have had less in person events and been in the office less due to the pandemic. Finding things to wear throughout my pregnancies hasn’t always been easy, so I compiled a pretty solid list of places to shop for maternity clothes. But because I don’t like to buy a lot of “maternity clothes”, I’ve included brands that aren’t “maternity” per se but have roomy pieces that you can wear throughout your pregnancy and after, which is ideal imo. Why spend a lot on maternity clothes you’ll never wear again, ya know?

So by popular demand, here are my favorite places to shop for maternity clothes.


This is one of the only maternity brands that I like pregnant or not. The pieces are timeless, versatile, comfy and flattering. Best of all, you can (and will want to) wear them post-pregnancies. When you’re pregnant you just want to be comfortable without looking completely dumpster, which is actually harder because you often have to size up in clothes. I love how all the clothes from Hatch, from the dresses to the pants, are incredibly comfortable. The materials are soft, the fits are roomy without making you look larger than you are, and everything is just cozy. I found myself living in Hatch at the end of my last pregnancy and then during my first few months postpartum, and then I kept wearing the pieces when I went back to work. For each pregnancy, I’ve invested in a few Hatch items and never regretted it, and they have great resale value on places like The Real, Real if you decide to sell afterwards.


Shopbop has one of the best maternity sections I’ve seen from a retailer. Most department stores have more of the cheesy, empire waist, printed shirts and dresses that I personally think give maternity wear a bad name. It’s just not for me. Shopbop is one of the only online retailers that features a curated selection of maternity clothes that are just as chic and on-trend as the rest of their selection. Best of all, Shopbop is owned by Amazon so it’s super easy to shop, with two-day free Prime shipping and easy returns.


Zara has curated a selection of maternity options, many of which aren’t “maternity” per se, but will accommodate a bump. Zara is one of my favorite spots to get affordable dresses, work staples, and trendier pieces that I know I’ll be over by next season. So I love that they know have a section of bump-friendly pieces. I have bought a bunch of dresses and jackets from Zara while pregs that aren’t maternity but fit the bump and have made getting dressed for work and events easy. While I think it’s time they launch a maternity line, the fact that they’ve curated a selection of items that will work with a bump is the next best thing. It saves you from having to order a bunch of clothes in a variety of sizes hoping something will work with your changing body.


I find the maternity clothing selection at Gap to be hit or miss (and sometimes too “mom” for me if that makes sense), but my best friend found a lot of cute stuff there during her pregnancies. Gap is, however, my go-to source for nursing tanks, maternity tees, and the occasional cute maternity dress. I also found a great maternity swimsuit there that’s super flattering and a great price point.

where to shop for maternity clothes

Old Navy

I became a fan of Old Navy during my first pregnancy. While I find their dresses and blouses can feel too frumptastic for me, but their tees and tanks, shorts, and swimsuits are really cute, super affordable and fit well. The price point is so great that you don’t mind if you only wear for a few months.


In general, I’ve really moved away from fast fashion in favor of investing in fewer, high quality pieces I’ll wear forever. But when I’m pregnant, I tend to shop more at stores like H&M, Zara, etc.. I know the maternity clothes I buy, particularly for the later stages of pregnancy, will have a super short lifespan, so I don’t want to spend a ton. H&M has cute maternity dresses, overalls, and swimsuits that are great for pregnancy and don’t look cheap. Unfortunately, they were always sold out in my size, but I know a lot of bloggers and friends rave about their maternity jeans as well.


I find ASOS’s selection to be overwhelming, which I guess is better than having a paltry maternity selection like most stores, but I just get overwhelmed by all the options. So I haven’t bought a ton from there even though they always have so many great on-trend maternity pieces. However, I can confirm that ASOS makes the best maternity tees — they’re longer, which I love and super affordable and you can actually buy them in packs, which I love. I also found some really cute maternity dresses from ASOS, including some fancier options for weddings and work events and television appearances. They’re also one of the few affordable options for trendier jeans in all the latest cuts, washes, and styles too, so you don’t have to be stuck in skinny jeans your entire pregnancy.


This is one of those low-key brands that every fashion editor loves, including myself. And with good reason — the silhouettes and prints are so pretty, feminine and flattering. Doen’s dresses and blouses are breezy and flowy, which makes them great for pregnancy and nursing. I also love how their dresses and tops play up your femininity, which I’m really into when pregs.


Again, not a maternity brand, but this editor and blogger favorite offers lots of roomy short dresses that accommodate a bump while showing off your legs (but aren’t too mini that they ride up with bump). I’m also a fan of Ganni’s wrap dresses, which I find really flattering with pregnancy curves. The price point is also great.

best places to shop for maternity clothes


This is another brand that’s super feminine and pretty, which I tend to love when pregnant and is on trend rn. I love LoveShackFancy’s maxi dresses for pregnancy — they are roomy without being tents, and accentuate the parts of my body that haven’t completely warped to unflattering proportions.

Frances Hart

Started by an impossibly chic friend of mine who saw the hole in the marketplace for luxe, boardroom-friendly maternity clothes, Frances Hart has quickly become a favorite retailer for chic pregnant women. I love their dresses and elegant separates for work. The silhouettes are flattering, and the styles are unique and stylish without feeling overly trendy so they can get you through several pregnancies. I am actually excited to be pregnant again so I have an excuse to invest in more of their pieces, and I have wore a lot of my Frances Hart pieces post-pregnancy as well.


Madewell quickly became one of my favorite places to shop for maternity jeans. The price point is great, and even though skinny jeans are debatable these days, I still think they’re great when you’re pregnant — the streamlined leg with the belly can be super flattering. I found their maternity jeans to be incredibly comfortable, they stayed in place, and they have a bunch of styles, washes, and cuts to choose from.

Hill House Home

Again, this isn’t a maternity line, but Hill House Home’s viral nap dress is the perfect maternity dress. The founder, Nell Diamond, wore the various nap dress styles while pregnant with twins (!!!), and couldn’t have looked chicer. I was jealous the nap dress hadn’t been born earlier so I could have worn it during my first two pregnancies, but I have relied on them throughout this pregnancy and I could see some of the styles being great for nursing as well.

And some maternity favorites:

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