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Best Amazon Christmas Gifts 2021

by krismkoch
best amazon gifts 2021

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a sort of love-hate relationship with Amazon. I can’t imagine life before I could just Prime anything I need from my phone and have it show up the next day. As a working mom, it literally saves my life. If our nanny texts me that we’re out of diapers, I just Prime while walking to my next meeting. If we’re running low on the kids’ shampoo, I Prime some while bathing them. If I realize James needs a present for a birthday party he’s attending this weekend and it’s already Friday, I just Prime one. You get it because you probably do the same. But sometimes I also resent the online emporium that has made my life so much easier. I sometimes feel guilty shopping there — maybe it’s a mom/woman thing but it’s like it’s too easy, like I’m not doing part of my job. There are often times I end up buying things I don’t need because someone found it on Amazon and I can’t believe its price or because it showed up as a related item and I didn’t realize I needed it. I think that’s why I feel slightly guilty saying I’ve done 90 percent of my holiday shopping on Amazon this year, and then yet, I’m like why should i feel guilty. It’s easy, you can get it all done in one spot, Amazon has pretty much everything and it’s one less thing to worry about in my crazy life that has left me struggling just to keep up. So I’m ditching the guilt and sharing with you all the best Amazon Christmas gifts 2021, so you too can get your shopping done in just a few clicks.

Now, I’m going to admit, this list is pretty random. It has everything from gifts for your mother in law and husband to toddler and tween gifts, and something for everyone in between. That’s the beauty of Amazon though, no? It literally has everything. The hard part is finding all the gems because there’s just so much. Hence, why I have curated a list for you of the best Amazon Christmas gifts 2021. Click through, get what you need, watch it show up in a day or two, and forget the stress of masks and malls, searching every store on the Interweb for the perfect gift, and shipping delays, and do yourself a favor, and just Amazon Prime yourself all those gifts you have left to get.

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