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The Best Dresses for Nursing Moms

by krismkoch

Everyone always talks about how difficult it is to dress when you’re pregnant, but I actually found that easy compared to trying to dress when you’re nursing. I’m currently breastfeeding Charlotte on demand as she’s only three weeks old. I am going to do a whole post on that journey, but with a toddler who needs to be taken to school, birthday parties, the park, and playdates, I am out and about a lot more with Charlotte than I was when James was a newborn. That means I need to get dressed, and I honestly, have never had more trouble finding things to wear while breastfeeding.

I forgot that when you’re nursing, you need easy access to your milk supply, so I invested in some roomier tent dresses at the end of my pregnancy that I figured I’d just wear post-partum to cover the wobbly bits while still feeling put-together. (Personally, I didn’t want to force myself to try to fit into my pants and then feel bad when they didn’t fit and I tend to gain weight in my legs, butt and hips so just running around in leggings doesn’t make me feel great either.) Sadly, I forgot that when breastfeeding on the go (and often in the car while waiting for James to finish school), I couldn’t just flip my dress up to my underwear and feed. So I’ve been forced to wear shorts and pants more than I’ve wanted and to find tops to go with it.

But honestly, I feel best in a pretty dress and with the lack of sleep and time to wash my hair (which is also in desperate need of highlights), I know I’d feel so much better and put-together if I could just throw on a dress for school drop-offs etc. So I’ve rounded up my favorite dresses for nursing moms. The key is to find a dress that buttons up or that has straps that you can easily pull down. Wrap dresses also work well because you can just pop your boob out and back in.

From top left:

Pink Smocked Tie Strap Dress

Striped Maxi Dress

Navy Floral Short Sleeve Shirt Dress

Red and White Wrap Dress

Rope Tie Shirt Dress

Button Front Striped Dress

Green and White Dotted Dress

Black Printed Wrap Dress

Black and Plum Midi Short Sleeve Shirt Dress

Red and Black Wrap Dress

Leopard Print Button Front Dress

Blush Pink Shirt Dress

Long Sleeve Ivory Printed Shirt Dress

Black Eyelet Button Front Dress

Black Floral Wrap Dress

Black Midi Shirt Dress

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