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First Birthday Gifts for Girls

by krismkoch
first birthday gifts for girls

Charlotte turns one in just over a week, and I’m just starting to think about presents for her. I know, I’m so behind (and screwed considering nothing is shipping fast during Covid). Luckily, she’s only going to be one and has no idea what her birthday is. We have a fun low-key, socially-distanced birthday planned, but I sort of dropped the ball on birthday gifts for my little girl. In fairness, we have plenty of toys for one year olds — she has all James’ first birthday gifts and baby toys to play with. But I still wanted to get Charlotte a few first birthday presents to open on her special day, and to use her birthday as an excuse to get her some sweet little dresses, cute shoes, and of course, a dolly. I actually found it hard to find a lot of first birthday gifts for girls.

I don’t know why I’ve found it so hard to find first birthday gifts for girls. I think it’s probably because even though Charlotte is our second baby, I still don’t know what toys are appropriate for what ages. James plays with toys that we got him when he was a baby sometimes and then toys from his cousins that are for kids much older. We already have so many baby and toddler toys from James, that I really wanted to focus on first birthday gifts for Charlotte. In other words, I wanted to go all-out girlie. That’s not to say that I think girls and boys should have different toys. James has dolls and trucks and so will Charlotte. But we also have toys in lots of bright primary colors and with super heroes on them, so I am looking forward to adding some sweet and pink to the mix.

If you’re heading to a first birthday party or have a little one reaching the big milestone, here are my favorite first birthday gifts for girls.

From top left:

Playhouse Tent

Dondolo Blue Floral Dress

Pink Floral Bubble

Pink Floral Shoes

Blue Gingham Maryjane Sneakers

Unicorn Tent House


Alphabet Print

Wicker Stroller/Walker

Unicorn Ponycycle

Walk and Ride Bike

Baby Phone

Baby Piano

Baby Doll

Purple Baby Doll

Doona Stroller Bike

All The Wonderful Things You’ll Be Book

VTech Walker

Bunny Rattan Chair or Bow Rattan Chair

Step and Learn Dog

Juno Valentine Book

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