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Dining Room Redesign Inspo

by krismkoch

I’m in that stage when you decide to decorate your house yourself because you think it will be fun and then decide you hate everything you chose and want to completely redesign it (again, yourself, because you feel you should clean up your own messes and apparently need another project). But this time, instead of winging it and just buying shit you love or found on Facebook Marketplace or inherited, after you decided to sell everything and start from scratch, you made the smart move of figuring out a computer program to let you lay it out first. Of course this doesn’t take into account the proportions of our room, which I’m probably messing up per usual (apparently, I’m not as good at eyeballing shit as I tend to believe), or the fact that the room is a bit off center (it’s hard to explain) but I like how this scheme looks so I thought I’d share what I’m calling my green dining room inspiration. I’m generally more of a blue girl, but I’m kind of loving green these days, especially with our dark wood floors. Now, I could lean into lighter blues to lighten it up, but for some reason, I’m feeing the greens. I also love that it’s not too sweet if that makes sense.

I know in our next dining room I want to go with wallpaper, but we decided not to invest in wallpaper in this room right now, so I like the idea of bringing some of the color in through the rug and art and potentially finding a nice fabric I love for the chairs. The walls are currently Chantilly Lace white (my favorite), and while we’re toying with painting or wallpaper, I think with the large mural-like print I chose and a gorgeous mirror, we may want to leave the walls a clean white (plus, I think it’ll be easier for resell). I put together a mood board with my green dining room inspiration and all the pieces I’m thinking of putting in the room. Let me know what you think. I am on the fence about the sideboard/buffet. I love it, but I’m not sure if the woods will look good together, and if they’re the right mix. But we really need some storage for china etc. so let me know your thoughts.

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