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How to Wear Off The Shoulder Necklines

by krismkoch

As someone who tends to be more modest with her style, I usually prefer not to wear anything too tight or revealing. I feel that way even more so since having kids. At the same time, I realize I’ll never be this young, and don’t want to be completely dawdy. I’ve also always loved anything with a special neckline. Maybe it’s the former ballet dancer in me, or the fact that collarbones and shoulders tend to be the most flattering parts to reveal, but there’s nothing I love more than off the shoulder necklines. To a more modest girl like myself, it’s the perfect compromise — sexy without being too revealing. It’s also an easy way for mom to show some skin while chasing after her little kiddos without worrying about a shirt or strap falling down.

And let’s face it: Pretty much no one ever says they hate their shoulders, making off the shoulder necklines probably one of the most universally flattering way to show some skin. It’s an elegant way to add some sex appeal to any outfit. Even though we’re not attending many parties or weddings in person right now, I can’t get enough of off the shoulder dresses with flat sandals for summer. And an off the shoulder top and jeans makes the perfect date night outfit.  I especially love to pair an off the shoulder neckline with big earrings, to really accentuate the shoulders and neck — it feels really elegant, especially if you keep the rest of your accessories fairly minimal.

As the weather warms up, I look forward to hopefully having more excuses to wear off the shoulder necklines. This Sleeper dress is one of my favorite styles because you can actually wear it completely off the shoulders, or you can push it up on your shoulders, making it more versatile and an easy day-to-night dress.

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