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How to Wear Tie-Dye Even If It’s Not Really Your Style

by krismkoch

One of my greatest sartorial achievements to date? Wearing tie-dye at nine months pregnant. I never thought I’d get behind the tie-dye trend, but then I saw this dress. You know when you see something and you have to have it, no matter what? Well, normally I never pay full price for a dress, but with the abstract take on tie-dye and puff sleeves, I knew this dress had to be mine. I also knew it would sell out fast. And I was right. It sold out in almost every size, but luckily, due to its popularity, it’s being restocked. If you’re not sure how to wear tie-dye, and it doesn’t really feel like you’re style, you’re not alone. I’m not one to jump on trends, and tie-dye really doesn’t feel like my style. But here we are.

If you’re not sure how to wear tie-dye in a way that fits your style, don’t take it so literal. I love how this dress’s print feels more artsy than hippie. A modern silhouette is also an easy way to wear tie-dye without feeling costume-y. I love the shorter length and puff sleeves on this dress. The colors also feel fresh with the different shades of purple and maroon. It’s also boxy enough that it fits my bump and will work post-pregnancy, and honestly, anything that makes me feel good right now, I’m willing to treat myself to. It’s a splurge for sure, but I literally have never gotten so many compliments in one day on a single dress, which especially says a lot given how incredibly pregnant I am at the moment.

This dress also comes in a top and skirt version in different color ways if you feel like mixing it up. If I’m going to wear tie-dye to the office, this sort of print and silhouette is the way to go IMO. For a more casual way to wear tie-dye, you could try a t-shirt or sweatshirt, or if you’re really feeling it a sweatsuit or leggings. Personally, I am not ready to enter the world of tie-dye sweatsuits — but it looks really cute on so many of the bloggers and celebs who have gotten in on the trend.

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On me: Dress (also love it in shirt form and the brown version and this skirt; in black and white for work); Shoes; Bag

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