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My Favorite Toddler Pajamas

by krismkoch
where to find cute toddler pajamas

I know this sounds crazy, but I actually have had a hard time finding toddler pajamas (here are my favorite pajamas btw). There are tons of sleepwear options for babies — I found endless footies in the sweetest prints for both James and Charlotte when they were little. But I’ve found there is a dearth of cute, affordable toddler pajamas for both girls and boys. As soon as Charlotte turned one, I found it harder and harder to find cute PJs for her. We were lucky to have a lot of hand-me-downs with James, but I have also found that the options in the 2T-5T range are equally as limited.

It seems crazy to me that cute toddler pajamas are so hard to find considering they are arguably a toddler’s most worn item of clothing, at least that’s the case in our home. My kids often eat breakfast (and dessert) in their PJs, which means they need to be washed after every wear, so we need a good supply. I also let the kids stay in their pajamas long into the day and sometimes all day when they don’t have school or anywhere to go, which has been a huge portion of the past year.

While I don’t like to spend a ton on pajamas, especially because they tend to get spilled on at breakfast every morning, I do like to look for cute ones. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m always taking pictures of the kids when they’re in their pajamas — maybe because they’re cutest (and cleanest) when they just get out of the bath and wake up in the mornings. Plus, what’s cuter than little kids in their PJs?

affordable toddler pajamas
where to shop for cute toddler pajamas 2021

From top left:

Floral Onesie ($10!!)

Pink Floral Pajamas (only $10!)

Tie Dye and Striped Onesie Set (with Zippers!)

Navy Gingham Pajamas

Blue Liberty Print Floral Pajamas

Navy Striped Pajamas Set

Pink Striped Pajamas Set

Whale Pajamas Set

Toddler Golf Pajamas Set

Pink Bunny Pajamas Set

Blue Thin Stripe Pajamas

Pink Thin Stripe Pajamas

White With Navy Piping Pajamas Set

Pink and Grey Stripe Pajamas

Pink and Green Floral Pajamas

Blue Sailboat Pajamas

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