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Summer Dresses Under $100

by krismkoch

With nowhere to go thanks to Covid, I found it hard to justify investing in dresses, or really shopping for myself at all this year. But now that summer is officially here, the weather is so nice, and the world is starting to open up again thanks to vaccines, I just feel like throwing on all the pretty summer dresses. It feels like our calendar is already starting to fill up with outdoor parties and celebrations now that most of our friends and family are vaccinated and mask mandates and social distancing restrictions are being lifted. And that means I finally have some things to get dressed for. Frankly, I am also finding myself wanting to wear something other than leggings even if I’m just picking up takeout, running to the bank, or walking the dog with my family. With that said, I don’t want to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe right now, especially given that the kids get everything I wear dirty, so I’ve been shopping for the cutest summer dresses under $100.

The fashion world knows we’re over our sweats and leggings, because there are so many cute summer dresses under $100 right now. I have been finding a ton of cute summer dresses at such great price points that I can’t not add them to my cart, or at least share them with you. For less than a pair of leggings, you can score one of these pretty dresses, so it’s kind of like why not get dressed, right? Plus, I got all these cute summer clothes for James and Charlotte, that it just feels wrong to be standing next to them looking so cute while wearing sweats. These are my favorite summer dresses under $100 but you’d never guess it because they all look far more expensive.

summer dresses under $100 2020

A lookalike for the dressing I’m wearing in these pics.

The perfect run around town white dress.

This nap dress is too pretty not to scoop up. I still can’t believe how affordably priced these are.

I honestly can’t believe this ruffle trim dress is under $20.

The collar on this dress is what got me.

I will wear this black dress every weekend. The ruffles take it to the next level.

The perfect neutral dress.

The sweetest little white dress.

Such a pretty dress and color that you can dress up for a wedding or down for a bbq.

Such a cute beach coverup or daytime dress.

A perfect white puff sleeve dress that I just ordered to wear everywhere.

Such a pretty color and a perfect Sea NY knockoff for 1/4 the price.

Another pretty Sea knockoff.

The perfect dress for a summer wedding or party and it’s under $35, seriously.

Prettiest ruffle dress.

Such a pretty, simple crisp dress that will never go out of style.

An Ulla Johnson lookalike that’s technically a bit over $100 but such a great find, I had to share.

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