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Thanksgiving Dresses

by krismkoch
thanksgiving dresses

Picking out what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner is never easy. You want to look nice and festive, but you also want to have room to eat all the turkey, stuffing, and pie you can handle without busting a zipper or seam.  In other words, you want to figure out how to wear a tent and still look presentable enough not to get side eye from your mother-in-law. My solution is usually just a roomy dress. I find dresses more forgiving than pants — you don’t have to unbutton a dress midway through dinner. So if you’re like me and like to look nice on Thanksgiving but can’t have anything getting in the way of you and your pie, I’m rounding up my favorite Thanksgiving dresses — all of them are roomy enough to eat to your heart’s content but fun and festive for pre-dinner pictures.

Now, tbh (and don’t put me on blast me for this), I am not a fan of Thanksgiving food. Turkey and stuffing just aren’t my thing, but I have a terrible sweet tooth, so I end up eating my weight in pie, so I really still need roomy Thanksgiving dresses. But since we often take our Christmas photos at Thanksgiving, I also want something that won’t look like an actual tent in photos. So if you’re debating what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner this year, do yourself a favor, and just throw on a dress and heels (and bring some cute flats to change into after dinner because I firmly believe that too much turkey can throw off your sense of balance). Here are my favorite Thanksgiving dresses.

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