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Amazon Home Decor Finds

by krismkoch

Ok, so I swore I wouldn’t jump on the Amazon bandwagon when it came to clothes and home decor. I am all about Prime for diapers, tape, pretty much every random household and other need, and even cosmetics. However, I am really committed to investing in my wardrobe and home rather than buying cheap fixes and fast fashion. Or so I told myself until I came to understand the gems that can be found on Amazon. So alas, now here I am sharing my favorite Amazon home decor finds. And I’m not mad about it, and you won’t be either once you see some of these fab finds, especially, if like me, you’re a grandmillenial at heart.

I am actually kind of bummed because I spent hundreds of dollars on Etsy and at the upholsterer and home boutiques on some of the home decor I’ve now found on Amazon for a fraction of the price. It’s honestly a bit cruel, really. But you live, you learn that everything you could ever want or need can be found on Amazon. (I swear this is not sponsored by Bezos.) While I love hunting for antique treasures, scouring Etsy for special vendors with special custom pieces, and hunting down gorgeous finds at boutiques, I also find a real pleasure in mixing in affordable Amazon home decor finds that look just as expensive and remind me of my savviness.

Trust me, there are so many good Amazon home finds but they can be hard to find and quality can vary, so I rounded up all my favorite picks so far.

Here are my favorite Amazon home decor finds 2021.

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