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My Go-To Apres Ski Sweater

by krismkoch

The idea of apres ski fashion is totally glamorous, but the reality is you’re usually going straight from the slopes to wherever there’s beer, hot coco, and nachos covered in turkey chili. In other words, you’re sweaty, snow drenched, and in a million layers of ski gear. But apres ski is often at some beautiful location on the top of the slopes with tons of insta-worthy vistas, fancy ski bunnies draped in chic furry ensembles, and of course, where you can catch up with all the friends/family you ditched on the slopes (no friends on a powder day!) and trade stories. If you’re lucky, it’s also nice and sunny so you can shed some of your layers. That’s why I like to layer a cute apres ski sweater under all my ski gear. That way, I still look cute for apres while staying warm on the slopes.

This year, I treated myself to an apres ski sweater I’ve been eyeing for years, because honestly, my ski layers were starting to wear down and I knew I’d wear this one just as much off the slopes as on. It looks so cute with jeans and boots, and I even dressed it up one night on our trip with black pants and a fur vest. (Also, check out what I wore on our ski vacation and my ski vacation packing guide for more outfit ideas.) But of course an apres ski sweater does not need to be quite so literal. I love fair isle sweaters that offer a nod to the slopes but can also be worn outside the ski mountain too. I didn’t think I’d be the type of girl who’d wear a sweater with “ski” emblazoned on the front, but I married a diehard skier, and here we are. The plus is it’s always nice when your husband is obsessed with what you’re wearing. For some that’s a hot dress or sexy nightgown, for others it’s an apres ski sweater, and I’m perfectly okay with that. I linked a bunch of similar styles below since these Ski sweaters always seem to sell out fast.

apres ski sweater, ski outfit
apres ski sweater, ski outfit
apres ski outfit
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