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My Favorite Places to Shop for Baby Girl Clothes

by krismkoch
baby girl clothing stores

Like a lot of girl moms, one of the reasons I was so excited to have a baby girl was to dress her up in all the adorable baby girl clothes. I actually found dressing James to be more fun than I initially thought, but the options for baby boy clothes are far more limited. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than baby girl dresses and bubbles. Still, finding stores to shop for baby clothes is harder and harder these days. I get asked a lot where I find cute clothes for Charlotte, so I thought I’d share my favorite baby girl clothing stores.

baby girl clothing stores

A lot of my favorite places to shop for baby girl clothes also carry boy clothes, gender neutral clothes, and toddler options. Personally I find it’s nice to have a one-stop shop. When it comes to shopping for clothes for Charlotte, I like to invest in sweet pieces that are well made since they get washed all the time. But when they’re young and at such a cute age, they also get photographed all the time, so I also like to find really cute, original outfits. So I’ve done a lot of sleuthing to discover baby girl clothing stores that aren’t just the usual go-to mass retailers. But since I basically only online shop, I only included stores that are e-retailers.

So I’ve found that I’ve had to discover lots of new boutiques, all over the world, to find all the adorable and special pieces I love to dress Charlie in. If you’re also looking for super cute spots to shop for one-of-a-kind pieces and adorable basics, here are my favorite places to shop for baby girl clothes.

Smocked Auction

Cecil and Lou

Bella Bliss

La Coquetta




Shop Dear James

Beaufort Bonnet Company

Janie & Jack


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