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Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

by krismkoch
stocking stuffers for toddlers 2020

I don’t know about you, but I always forget about stocking stuffers until the last minute. We really didn’t worry about them until a couple years ago, as it was the first Christmas we spent at home in years. But now James is really old enough to remember that Santa puts presents in the stockings. I also remember stockings being such a fun part of our Christmas mornings growing up. My mom always did such a bomb job on our stockings. There were always fun surprises in there that just felt super thoughtful and personalized. I want to do the same for my kids, so I have been researching the best stocking stuffers for toddlers, and I’ve found some really great ideas.

A few years ago, I got us all cute monogrammed stockings that I’m excited to hang and so I think it’s time I pick up my stocking stuffer game. As I mentioned, I’ve started my holiday shopping early this year, and I’ve already started shopping for holiday gifts for James and Charlotte. I have been scouring the interweb for cute stocking stuffers for toddlers, and I’ve found some really fun gifts that I think our kids will be excited to open on Christmas morning. From a mini baking set to bath toys and Paw Patrol band-aids (a win for mom and for James!), I’ve gotten super creative with ideas for stocking stuffers for toddlers. From some nontraditional but educational presents to unique gifts, here are my favorite stocking stuffers for toddlers and little kids.

stocking stuffers for toddlers 2020
stocking stuffers for toddlers 2020
stocking stuffers for toddlers 2020

From top left:

Tiny Baking Kit

Fleece Booties

Fishing Bath Toy

Ribbon Streamer

Mini Flashlights


Magnetic Wands

Race Track

Kids Training Chopsticks

Mini I Spy Book

Mini Ladybug Duplo

Mini Whisk Set

Washi Tape

Bath Crayons

Paw Patrol Bath Finger Puppets

Car Decorating Kits

Baby Utensils

Wood Magnet Decorating Kit

Water Color Books

Washable Paint Set

Mini Construction Cars


Training Scissors

Face Masks

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