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Birthday Gifts for Two Year Old Girls

by krismkoch

I don’t even know how it is possible, but somehow, my little baby Charlie is going to turn two at the end of the month. I feel like I just had her, and yet, she seems like she was always part of our family. This will be the second birthday she’s celebrated during a pandemic, which is also crazy. We managed to do a low-key celebration for her first birthday with our quarantine team. This year, we’ll probably keep the celebration low-key again and take advantage of the fact that she doesn’t understand birthdays yet (while her brother most certainly does). Since she hasn’t been in classes like her brother was at that age, and spent most of the last year and a half in quarantine, she doesn’t really have a crew yet. Which is kind of sad, but soon enough, she’ll be in school and have a whole bunch of friends. So I think we’ll keep the festivities more subdued this year, I have started shopping for birthday gifts for two year old girls. James hasn’t been so eager to give up his toys, even the ones he’s outgrown, to his sister, and I like to find some special gifts for her each year that we don’t already have and that she can have as her own. Plus, I loved dolls and dress up as a little kid, so it’s my excuse to pass some of my favorite things down to my little girl.

Now that Charlotte is starting school and is starting to finally make friends, I’m sure we’ll be attending some second birthday parties as well. So I thought I’d round up my favorite birthday gifts for two year old girls in case you’re shopping for your daughter, niece, or kids’ friends. (Check out birthday gifts for two year old boys here.)

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