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My Favorite Spring Home Decor Finds

by krismkoch

Spending all this time at home while quarantining has made me obsessed with decorating and organizing our home. The final leg of our renovations are just being scheduled due to Coronavirus delays and our contractor being so busy. But I’m trying to get as much of the furnishing and decorating done as I can now that I’m spending so much time inside our home. Right now, I’m obsessed with looking for spring home decor online. I feel like we’ll feel more at home if we have some accessories to jazz up the place.

I like putting together our home like a puzzle, one piece at a time, but that means it’s taking forever. I really wanted the bigger pieces in place before I started picking drapery, rugs, and the accent tables and wall decor, and it finally feels like we have (almost) all the major pieces. And I am also eager to use this time to get some stuff done before we start heading back to the office and leaving the house more. Spending so much time at home makes me want to have it all done and decorated. So I’ve been spending the time at night when I can’t sleep channeling that anxiety into spring home decor, scouring sites for great finds for our home to help complete it.

We’re still waiting some of the bigger pieces to arrive (can we discuss the insane shipping delays?), but I’m trying to fill in some of the accent pieces, rugs and custom fabric orders. A lot of these are small things that I’m noticing we could really use, like a small side table next to the rocker in Charlie’s room (see the gorgeous garden stool below that I got), a mirror in our entrance, a floor length mirror in our bedroom, window treatments, and rugs in certain rooms. I found a bunch of really good spring home decor finds all at good prices, and they were too good not to share. Here are my favorite affordable spring home decor finds to brighten up your home right now.

spring home decor
afforable spring home decor
spring home finds

From top left:

Garden Stool

Pink Peacock Bolster Pillow

Blue Table Lamps

Chinoiserie Prints

Pom Pom Napkins

Seagrass Table Lamp

Floral Pillow

Monet Print

Monogram Towels

Mint Greek Key Pillow

Also love this gorgeous blue throw pillow

This bamboo floor lamp

This striped pillow

Ordered these for our living room

This is on sale now, so going to order the long one for our bedroom

May get this for Charlotte’s room since it’s also on sale now

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