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Back to School Clothes for Toddler Girls

by krismkoch
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While we still have a little over a month left of summer (at least in our town where school doesn’t start until after Labor Day), September will be here before we know it. Charlotte is starting preschool in the fall (tear), and I’m in shock that my baby is going to be old enough for school. I think she is going to love it. She’s a Covid baby — she was only four months when the world shut down — so she missed out on all the classes and socialization that her brother got as a baby. So, on the one hand, I’m excited for her to have that experience. On the other hand, I’m in denial that my little baby is going to be old enough for preschool. She’s just doing a three day a week morning program, but it still feels like such a bit step. But one thing that is getting me excited for Charlotte’s first day of preschool is shopping for cute little girl outfits for school. Dressing her for school is going to be so much fun! I finally have a place for her to wear all those adorable dresses and tights and shoes, and she’s still at the age where she lets me pick out her clothes (for the most part).

It’s just the beginning of August, but I’ve already found so many cute little girl outfits for school. Not surprisingly, all the summer clothes are already on clearance and it’s all fall and holiday merchandise moving in. There are so many adorable dresses, sweaters and jackets for toddler girls for fall that I’m trying to reign it in and just buy a little now and then get more when it actually gets colder out and everything goes on sale mid-fall. I do like to start the year off with a few pieces because it feels weird to send them to school in their summer clothes even if it’s still pretty warm those first few weeks of school. But I do tend to wait until fall clothes go on sale to buy the bulk of their fall wardrobe, because if you take anything from reading this blog, it should be that everything goes on sale people (“never buy anything full price” should really be the name of this blog). But if you’re like me and starting to prep for back to school (or your baby’s first day of school — I’m not crying, you’re crying), here are cute little girl outfits for school that I scooped up for Charlotte.

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