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Holiday Gifts for Teachers

by krismkoch
best holiday gifts for teachers

I think shopping for holiday gifts for teachers stresses me out more than any other holiday shopping I have to do. I am so grateful to James and Charlotte’s teachers for all that they do for them and how they’ve managed to adapt and care for and teach our kids amid a seemingly neverending global pandemic. I can’t measure my gratitude for all they’ve done to enable them to learn safely in the classroom. So this year for the holidays, I’d like to do something special for their teachers. I’ve also been getting tons of requests for help finding cute holiday gifts for teachers, so I thought it was time to do a blog post on it.

To be honest, I’m really picky about gifts. I surveyed my teacher friends, and most said they don’t need another cute pencil case with an apple on it or “best teacher ever” sign. Money and gift cards is always a hit and what I’ve heard from most teachers that they’d appreciate the most. However, I also get that it can feel impersonal and weird (how much do you give? where do you give the gift card to? Is cash weird?). The parents board at our nursery school organizes a fund each year — you contribute and they divvy it up and give it to the teachers at the holidays and end of year, which I love. It makes it easy to give them what they actually want in a meaningful way without the stress of trying to figure out how much to give or awkwardness of handing your child’s teacher an envelope of cash. I think the teachers really appreciate it too, so I highly recommend considering organizing something like that too. We also had a mom organize a gift certificate to a local spa for James’ teachers last year, which I loved. Although the parents board organizes something, I always like to give a little something extra. My kids are a LOT and I’m just so thankful that they’re able to be in school and thrive thanks to their caring teachers. With that said, since I’m already contributing to a group fund, I try to keep the gift small. I tried to stay away from the cute but trite tote bags and pencil holders and rounded up the best holiday gifts for teachers.

best holiday gifts for teachers
best holiday gifts for teachers

Amazon Gift Card

Starbucks Gift Card

Framed Class Photo

Personalized Notepad

Personalized Stationery

Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag

Monogrammed Mouse Pad

Monogrammed Phone Case

Phone Sanitizer

Honest Safety Gift Set

Face Mask

Festive Flowers

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