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My Favorite Holiday Host & Hostess Gifts

by krismkoch

I never like to show up empty-handed to a party or when we stay at someone’s house. I think even a small gift is always important to bring when someone is hosting you, whether it’s in-laws or friends. While my husband is always of the mindset that we just need to bring a nice bottle of wine (which, in fairness, is practical and never not appreciated), I like to bring a gift that the host or hostess can use around the house. Plus, I feel like everyone brings booze, so it’s nice to think outside the box when it comes to holiday hostess gifts and stand out with something original. Anyone can stop by the liquor store on the way to the party, but purchasing something a little more thoughtful shows you really appreciate the invitation and care for the hosts aka guarantees you invites back. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on a holiday hostess gift, especially considering all the other holiday gifts that are probably on your list.

I like to gift the host or hostess something they might never buy themselves but will love having. This often means buying something that I have gotten and am obsessed with, or would love to have for entertaining or just my home in general. Coffee table books and picture frames are always great gifts, but as you’ll see, I love a personalized gift. Who doesn’t love something with their monogram on it? Here are some of my favorite holiday hostess gifts, big and small, that are perfect to bring anyone who is hosting you for holiday festivities this year.

From top left:

Monogrammed Ice Bucket

Herb Pot with Tray

Monogram Throw Blanket

Monogrammed Dog Collar

Monogram Napkins

Personalized Antler Doormat

Hot Chocolate on a Stick Set

Monogram Guest Towel

Personalized Cheese Dome

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