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What Kate Middleton’s $69 Zara Polo Dress Looks Like IRL

by krismkoch

Obviously, I want to be Kate Middleton (who wouldn’t want to be?) and of course, leave it up to the princess to find the perfect summer dress, at Zara no less. While her style is more conservative, prim and princess-y than mine, I still love it and often covet the dresses she wears. Sadly, they always sell out within seconds, especially any of the high-street styles she wears, which she actually does quite often and makes me love her even more. So when I was up early with James one weekend morning, I was thrilled to spy some pics of Kate Middleton out in the wild (well, at a polo match with her kids). Any post-baby #3 spottings of Kate was a rare treat, but even rarer to get the occasional photo of her not in a formal royal outing setting but just hanging out with her kids. The real icing on the cake was that she was wearing an adorable summer dress that happened to be from Zara (!!!). I was sure it was sold out already or only available in the UK, but again, I have James and his early wakeup call to thank, because not only was it still on Zara U.S.’s site but it was available in my size. Rather than taking the time to think if I really needed it or how I had said I wouldn’t shop anymore, I quickly hit checkout and bought it right away. It was the most decisive shopping purchase I’ve done in god knows how long (normally I agonize over every purchase because I overanalyze everything…even toilet paper purchases (is it soft enough? do I really need to pay for the extra softness? Jk, I always go for the extra softness). I have to admit, it feels a little less perfect and prim to wear in the city to work, where all black everything or I guess, these days, florals is more my speed, but I still love it. It is much better for weekends though like a birthday party or shower or a friend’s bbq or dinner at the club kind of deal. Still, at under $100, it was well worth it and the classic print and cut won’t go out of style, so I can see it being in rotation for many summer’s to come. Plus, $69 to feel just a tiny  bit like a princess? Feels like a total steal to me.

Zara Dress (sold out but similar below); Tory Burch Mules

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