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Holiday Gifts for Toddlers

by krismkoch

I always knew I’d love celebrating Christmas with our kids, but I never realized how much fun picking out holiday gifts for kids would be, especially holiday gifts for toddlers. I just love thinking about how delighted they’ll be to open their gifts on Christmas morning. Plus, toddler toys and clothes are just so cute! Our first Christmas with James, he was just three months old and we were still in first-time parent shock. And the year after, he was still too young to really appreciate Christmas. He wasn’t even interested in unwrapping gifts yet. But now, he’s a full grown person (not that he wasn’t before but you get what I mean) and I’m really excited to celebrate my favorite holiday with James and Charlotte. Christmas was always really special to me. I can’t wait to surprise James and Charlotte with some special gifts from us … and from Santa. Tbh when your kids are toddlers, they’re so young that I also give them practical stuff that they don’t know they want (lol), like sweaters, a snowsuit, boots, and maybe a big kid bed, but also some fun stuff. And luckily we have lots of adorable kids in the fam to shop for too. Here are my favorite holiday gifts for toddlers that James and Charlotte (or my nephews and nieces have loved) and some that we can’t wait to get the kids this year.

holiday gifts for toddlers

holiday gifts for toddlers 2021

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toddler holiday gifts

toddler Christmas gifts

From top left:

Cleaning Set

Santa Pajamas

Play Kitchen

Drum Set

Food Cutting Set

Sesame Street Letters Kit

Mess Free Coloring Set

Train Set


Paw Patrol Helmet


Play Vacuum


Teddy Bear Jacket


Elmo Let’s Dance

Baby Doll

Push Car

Train Sweater Set

Llama Llama Red Pajama Book Set

Christmas Sweater

Ride on Car


Knit Hat

Pots & Pans Set

Doll Stroller


Llama Llama Jingle Bells

I also love:

Monogrammed Mini Chair

Personalized Tool Set

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