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Our Quarantine Easter Outfits + My New Favorite Kids’ Clothing Brand

by krismkoch
easter traditions

Even though Easter is going to be very different this year, I’m looking forward to it. I love holidays and frankly, I need something to look forward to and celebrate. While I will miss our usual Easter traditions — an Easter egg hunt and traditional Easter dinner at my in-laws with all the cousins — I am excited to make the kids’ Easter baskets, dress everyone up in cute Easter outfits, and make a special Easter brunch for our family.

I debated what to wear to Easter and if we should even dress up in the Easter outfits I had ordered before the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ll be quarantining at home, so we could technically stay in our pajamas all day, but I think I’m going to make everyone dress up anyway. I’ve had our Easter outfits planned for months, and I love them. I sort of dropped the ball on everything else Easter-related — we usually spend Easter at my in-laws with tons of cousins, so I don’t have to worry about planning the Easter egg hunt, baskets, meal or setting the table. And then in the rush of this all, I sort of forgot, well, no that’s a lie — it just felt weird to be planning an Easter celebration with what’s been going on and I wasn’t sure how we would want to spend Easter this year. But I decided last week that I wanted to make it special and make the most of this moment with our family, since we are blessed enough to be healthy and together, even if it’s just the four of us this year.

I had to rush order Easter basket fillings, I’m desperately trying to find the boxes with our nice table linens and serving dishes and china that I have yet to unpack since our move, and I’m not sure where we’re going to get our food from or what we’ll make. But I have Easter outfits for me and the kids, and even if we won’t be going anywhere in them, they’re too cute not to share.

The kids’ outfits are actually from this adorable kids’ clothing company based in Spain that I’m obsessed with called La Coqueta. Their spring collection is so cute, I want to order everything. I also love supporting a small business right now, and they’re having a sale, so if you’re looking for cute clothes for your little ones, it’s the perfect time to scoop up some precious outfits you’ll want to save forever.

Also, PSA: my dress is under $35 and couldn’t be cuter. I had ordered it for a cocktail party that has since been canceled, so I am making my family dress up for Easter at home so I can wear it. Maybe by Mother’s Day, I’ll be able to give it a spin outside our home.

Family Easter outfits
Family Easter outfits
Family Easter outfits
Family Easter outfits
Family Easter outfits
Easter Dress

On Me: Dress; Shoes

On Charlotte: Dress; Cardigan; Shoes (my old shoes from when I was a baby but similar here and here for under $15)

On James: Shirt; Shorts; Shoes

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