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3 Non-Maternity Dresses That Work With a Bump

by krismkoch
non-maternity dresses

I’m not a big believer in buying maternity clothes. I mean maternity jeans and nursing bras are a must, but I’m not a huge fan of most maternity dresses (and tops for that matter). There are definitely some maternity brands that are great (Hatch is one of my faves), but for the most part, I find most maternity dresses in particular tend to be frumpy or look like church dresses. And usually they’re not cheap. So I just can’t justify spending on something I don’t love that’s only going to last me a finite period of time. That’s why I prefer to I prefer to buy non-maternity dresses that you can wear when pregnant and then after the baby comes too.

I’ll be honest, it’s hard to find non-maternity dresses that will fit you your entire pregnancy, but let’s be serious, by month 8 or 9 nothing fits and you’re stuck wearing like the three tents that do anyway. Fits usually the biggest issue. It can be tricky to find a non-maternity dress that fits the bump but also doesn’t make you look bigger or isn’t too short with a bump. I find shift dresses (which I usually order a size up), empire waist dresses, and dresses that cinch above the belly are the best for accommodating a bump — and the most flattering.

I actually ordered these three as Easter dress options and I planned on returning two of them, but they’re all so pretty that I can’t part with any of them. I am trying to justify keeping all three because I have baby and wedding showers, school benefits, and a few other parties that I can wear them to this spring. I also plan to wear them to work, so by my cost per wear analysis, they’re totally worth it, right?

I also love how all three are fresh and pretty but aren’t super trendy, so I know I will wear them again next spring/summer after the baby arrives. I love that they’re all airy without being too roomy. (I hate those super airy dresses that make you look pregnant when you’re not or make you look extra pregnant when you are.).

You could definitely dress them down for a daytime event with flats, or dress them up for a wedding or party with heels. All three would make super cute options to wear to your baby shower too.

Option 1

non-maternity dresses

On Me: Dress (also love this version); Heels (old Manolos but similar here for less); Sunglasses

Option 2

non-maternity dresses

On Me: Dress; Sandals (similar here for less); Sunglasses

Option 3

non-maternity dresses

On Me: Dress; Shoes (old Manolo Blahnik but similar here and here and here); Sunglasses

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