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The Cutest Holiday Pajamas for Kids

by krismkoch
holiday pajamas for kids

I used to think it was silly to buy holiday pajamas…until I had kids. Now, I start shopping for holiday pajamas for kids as soon as Halloween is over. Let’s be serious, there’s nothing cuter than a family picture with everyone in their matching holiday pajamas. Kids’ holiday pajamas are so cute, my kids end up wearing them long after the holidays and pretty much until they grow out of them. Plus, I figure, James will pass on his holiday pjs to Charlotte and so on. But even if it’s just for the ‘gram, there really is nothing cuter than kids in matching holiday pajamas. You take so many photos around the holidays while your kids are in their PJs — opening presents Christmas morning, staying up too late to crash your holiday party, etc. etc. and cute holiday pajamas make the photos that much better.

I know I’m not alone in my love of kids in cute matching pjs for the holidays. I’ve rounded up my favorite holiday pajamas for kids, but many of them also have adult versions, so you can match with your kids. The old, pre-kids me would have rolled her eyes at that, but alas, here we are.I thought I’d never be that mom who made her whole family, husband included, wear matching PJs and now it’s my favorite thing to do so never say never. PS: holiday pajamas make great gifts for the kiddos — parents who would otherwise rather not buy them for reasons listed above will adore them and be so grateful you did. It’s one of my favorite gifts for family and friends for the holidays.

Here are my favorite holiday pajamas for kids.

From top left: 

Red Plaid Pajamas (this comes in a matching family set)

Red and White Striped Onesie

Striped Reindeer PJ Set

Reindeer Fair Isle Pajamas

Christmas Dog Fleece

 Green and Navy Plaid Pajamas

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