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What I Wore This Week (No. 37)

by krismkoch

It’s been a gross week of cold, wet weather. The good news? It’s over. Honestly, after being super indulgent and lazy last weekend, I didn’t feel like getting dressed this week. The slushy, gross, frigid weather didn’t help. Luckily, it was more of a grind it out on big projects kind of week at work, so I didn’t have to get dressed up for any events or presentations so I went with a more casual vibe. Oh yeah, and my nanny called out sick a couple days so I ended up having to try to work while watching a toddler (try it sometime if you want to drive yourself mad).

But it’s Friday, and I’m exhausted. This weekend, we’re headed to a birthday party and have vet appointments, someone coming by to pick up a couch we’re selling (longish story I’ll fill you in soon), and hopefully squeezing in lots of relaxing. What are you up to?

Here’s what I wore this week. (PS: Sorry for the crappy selfies. My Instagram husband took the week off and I’m still getting the hang of this whole mirror selfie thing.)


Project Nadaam ruffle sweater; Everlane Jeans; Vince Boots (old but similar here)


Striped Sweater; Jeans; Studded Loafers or Two-Tone Heels; Bow


Zara Sweater (sold out but similar here and here); Ankle Slit Pants; Mules


Sweater Dress; Jeans; Vince Boots (old but similar here); Zara Coat (similar here and here)


Gap Coat (old but similar here and here); Everlane Jeans; Vince Boots (old but similar here)

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