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What I Wore This Week (No. 39)

by krismkoch

This has been the longest week ever. Did I mention it’s my birthday week? I love birthdays (mine is March 15) and normally I do something dramatic like draw it out over the entire week and dub it “birthday week” forcing my poor husband and friends to celebrate all week. But this week was so crazy with some major work projects and catching James’ flu at the start that I almost forgot so I guess it’s going to be birthday weekend.

I actually had some big presentations at work this week that I had been working on and feeling nervous about for awhile so once I got though them, I felt like I just finished finals and so it almost makes my birthday more fun because I’m ready to let loose and celebrate. And by “let loose and celebrate” I mean treat myself to some spa day treats and gorge on Mexican food (my fave) and cake. I don’t know what it is but I basically just want to eat on my bday. Anywho, back to what I wore this week. I was sick, so I basically had to try my best to look presentable and not snot all over the place.

Here’s my week in outfits.


Jumpsuit (old but similar here and here); Heels


Jeans (old but similar here); Sweater; Boots (old Tory Burch but similar here)


Sweater; Jeans; Booties (old Tory Burch but similar here)


Pants (sold out Tory Burch but similar here and here); Sweater (old Everlane but similar here); Heels


Dress; Sweater (old Ralph Lauren but similar here); Boots (old Coach but similar here); Bag; Coat (sold out Tory Burch but similar here and here)

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