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What I Wore This Week (No. 47)

by krismkoch

This week was a doozy. It was a short week, although I’m on mat leave and we’re moving in two weeks, so short weeks aren’t the usual reprieve. But we spent a long weekend at the lake with family, so it was nice to get an extra day to really soak in fall. It’s so pretty up there right now. The rest of the week we really dove head first into all the millions of things we have to do to move and get our renovations finished. I didn’t do the best job of documenting my outfits, but I’m trying to get better about it (I even took one for the team and made the hubs snap a pic of me in the parking lot of Home Depot, no joke). Once we’re moved and I’m hopefully getting a bit more sleep, I promise to be better. 

Although I spent a lot of this week in sweats or leggings while packing and running errands, I did manage to squeeze in a hair appointment, which made me feel like a new woman, and went to an event for a friend’s chic new maternity line, which you can check out here. I also caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in way too long and it was amazing and reminded me of how worth the effort it is to make time for friends and myself. I can let my social anxiety get the best of me (and new mom exhaustion), but I am always so happy when I push myself to go out and catch up with friends. Even though I was a hot mess, it felt so good to be out and talking to adults (even if I basically talked about my kids the whole time – anyone else do that?). 

Anyway, here’s my week in outfits (well, the ones I documented or didn’t feel completely embarrassed to show like the sweats I’m currently wearing).


Ok, so I totally don’t subscribe to the dated rule about not wearing white after Labor Day. However, it was also unseasonably warm and we’re packing up our whole lives to move, and this was clean (had just picked it up after living at the dry cleaner for a month), fit, and I could throw on in five secs so we weren’t late getting James to school. I had a long cream cardigan I had planned to wear over to fall-ify it and boots, but I didn’t have time to put the boots on and it was too hot for the cardigan, so here you go.

Dress; Sandals (on super sale for $50); Baby Carrier


Sorry I didn’t get a full body shot and excuse my roots, but I only managed to snap a before pic of (half) my outfit before getting my hair done, but just wore some boring jeans on bottom with flats.

Top (sold out H&M but similar here for under $20 and this and love, love this)


Yep, this is the Home Depot parking lot, and yeah, this is just proof of how much I love you guys. You kept asking for more real outfit pics, so I’m trying to be better about snapping them, and well, this was the only time I could do it, so there you go. I was hoping it might feel kind of artsy or something, but nope, just an ugly parking lot.

Top; Jeans; Mules

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