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What I Wore This Week (No. 56)

by krismkoch

It’s hard to find words to sum up these past couple of weeks, which I spoke more to here. As quarantine has worn on, I’ve debated the merits of getting dressed, but last week I did. I had meetings and presentations and panels, and a team to show up for. But I also have never felt less like getting dressed or getting out of bed, so I decided to do just that. And honestly, it did make me feel better and slightly more in control of things. Slightly. I also love pretty dresses, as you know, and even if I have nowhere to go, I figured it takes the same time to throw on leggings as a dress. Plus, why should my dresses be punished just because I can’t go out?

Here’s what I wore this week.


what i wore this week

Dress (old English Factory but similar here); Sunglasses


what i wore this week

Sleep Set


Fleece Turtleneck; Jeans (under $30!); Sandals


Linen Dress


Leggings; Sweatshirt/Tunic

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