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Summer Family Activities During Quarantine

by krismkoch
summer family activities during quarantine

Summer is my favorite time of year, and while the pandemic changed many of our summer plans last year, I also got to enjoy being outside a lot more, and spending time with my littles and watching them grow. This year, with vaccinations available, it’s starting to feel like we’ll be able to enjoy more of the summer family activities we love. James will be going to camp this year (amen), but we’re also leaving some weeks wide open in hopes of really getting to enjoy the summer as a family and take a few vacations.

Each summer, I like to make a plan for what we’ll do to make the most of it. In previous years, I would plan out every weekend for the entire summer. I wanted to make the most of those precious few days I got with my family to enjoy the nice weather before we had to return to the city for another work week. So I guess an upside to all this is that working from home means that I can sit outside and have lunch with my kids, take them to the beach for a dinner a picnic because I don’t have to commute, go for a hike outside with them between meetings, or teach them to play tennis before work. With the hope that school and work may return in-person in the fall, I really want to take advantage of this summer to make the most of every day. I know they’re saying it’s going to be hot girl summer for all the singles ready to mingle. I don’t quite fall in that category, but I really want us to live it up this summer and make it one of our most memorable yet. It’s time to make up for lost time!

We got really good at finding creative ways to make the most of summer in quarantine last year, so I have no doubt we’re going to make this one extra special. If you’re like us and already counting down until summer and looking to make up for lost time, I wanted to share a list of fun summer family activities. They include everything from s’mores to places we want to visit to backyard activities. Rather than planning out every day, I’m going to print out this list and tape it to our fridge so we can pick from the list when we’re debating what to do that day or weekend.

If you’re looking for some fun summer family activities to do this summer, here’s everything on our summer 2020 bucket list.





Paddle boarding

Road trip


Canoe rides


Making a fire pit and roasting s’mores at the lake


Sprinkler games

Baking a homemade pie

Learning to cook five healthy summer dinners


Visiting local farms

Planting a vegetable garden

Strawberry picking

Swim lessons

Slip and Slide


Outdoor movie night


Bike rides


Long family walks

Catch with the dog



Beach trips and building sandcastles

Visiting the zoo

Visiting the nearby farm

Visiting the botanical gardens

Easy Sunday dinners outside with friends


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