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What I Wore This Week (No. 91)

by krismkoch
what i wore the first week of december 2021 - 3

Well, it certainly feels like winter here, and I’m full-on ready to hibernate. I’ve told you guys about how I hibernate in winter, right? I detest being cold and when it gets dark at 4pm, forget about it. I just want to cuddle up in my sweats and watch a movie and eat takeout. Unfortunately, the holidays are here in full swing, and there is so much going on, I can’t exactly do that this month. We had our club’s annual holiday gala, where I got to dress black tie (and my dress is perfect and well priced if you’re looking for a fancier holiday dress). I also had a holiday luncheon for work and then some crazy days of running around shopping, doing errands, and taking kids to all the places, so you’ll see a variety of outfits in my roundup of what I wore the first week of December 2021.

Even though it really takes a lot to motivate me when it’s cold and dark outside, I am excited to have all these reasons to celebrate irl this year. We are also leaving in a couple weeks for our annual Christmas trip to Park City, so I am savoring these few weeks of celebrating at home before we get a change of scenery and a whole new set of friends and parties. This weekend, we’ll be recovering from the gala and also taking the kids to do some fun things — circus, lights show, and maybe some skating. I love embracing the holidays and doing all the things, especially now that the kids are getting big enough to do things with, but I’ll also be cozying up with some holiday movies and pizzas and maybe making some cookies in our PJs too.

Here’s what I wore the first week of December 2021.


holiday outfit 2021

Dress; Flats; Bag


winter weekend outfit

Sweater; Leggings; Boots


Dress; Sandals


what I wore the first week of December 2021, casual Winter outfit

Sweater; Jeans; Flats; Coat


black tie holiday dress

Dress; Heels (old Jimmy Choo but similar here on sale); Bag

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