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What I Wore to Work This Week (No.1)

by krismkoch

I started this site as a quest to solve the stress of getting dressed, but it’s also become a visual guide to help me get dressed, and I hope it’s taken some of the stress out of dressing for you. Say what you will but clothes are an expression of ourselves and often our armor when we go out into the world, whether it’s a date, a work presentation, an interview, or just grocery shopping. And honestly, even if you couldn’t give two effs about fashion, we all know the difference an amazing outfit can make — how it can make you feel so much more ready to take on the world and lift your mood. If clothes can have that power, I do think it’s worth acknowledging their importance. There are also endless studies about how we’re judged on our appearance even though that sucks and how much better would our world be if it weren’t that way, subconsciously, we all internalize this and that’s part of the reason a bad outfit or something that doesn’t fit right can make us feel less confident and can, for some of us (me), ruin a day. Regardless, you have to clothe yourself, and the more I’ve thought about how I spend my money, especially now that I’m a mom, and my precious time, I’ve realized I might as well just be investing in clothes I love and will feel ok about being seen in a picture if I want to snap a precious moment with my baby. And the more I realize that if I have more of what I love in my closet, the less precious time I’ll be wasting trying to figure out what to wear. Even though I’m usually not the one putting myself out there in pics and I much prefer to document other people’s style that I love, I’m going to start sharing some of my own style, tricks and struggles, as I try to navigate a full-time job, a side hustle, a baby, a puppy that will never outgrow her puppy (re: troublemaking) phase, a husband, and some semblance of a life and sleep. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more. I”m used to being the curator and editor, not the subject or photographer so bare with me as I figure out how this whole blogger thing works (I take back everything I ever said about how easy being a full-time blogger most be) and if I suck so bad that I shouldn’t even try, lmk and if there’s anything else you’d rather see.


Ruffled Top + Mom Jeans + Mules

Okay so just pretend I’m not wearing a cardigan here. I promise I’ll stop. I’m obsessed with these skinny mom jeans by Levi’s. They fit perfectly and aren’t too stretchy but give just enough for my post-baby FUPA. Stripes and ruffles are basically all anyone is selling right now, which is perfect because I love me some stripes and some ruffles. This top is by Rebecca Minkoff. It’s funny because it totally doesn’t feel Rebecca Minkoff-y, right? I love it though and it’s the exact fit I was looking for and a nice linen-y material that’s perfect for summer and doesn’t make the long sleeves seem obscene. It was actually cold outside as well as freezing again in my office (what’s with blasting the AC all summer long?) so I popped on my closed toe mules and ended up wearing this blanket like sweater wrapped over my cute top because it’s literally the arctic tundra in my office.

Floral Dress + Moto Jacket + Sneakers

I was really excited when Victoria Beckham for Target hit stores, and the line was really cute, but I hate having pieces that are immediately recognizable. I don’t know. It’s probably the same reason I don’t love logo bags. I much prefer when people are like I love that, where’s it from and I knew I”d be twinning with half my office but I scooped up a piece nonetheless because I was ordering diapers from Target, and I thought, treat yo self. When the dress came, I wasn’t sure. I don’t love clingy pieces, especially in my post-baby phase, and while it’s not lycra, the neoprene-esque fabric is def fitted, but I have to say, I appreciate how it’s structured without being too tight — unlike a lot of these more affordable lines, the tailoring is really good. I also like the darker floral pattern — it feels more me. Still, I toughened it up with my leather moto jacket and sneakers, which also is perfect for my office, which is freezing. Plus, now I get to say, I”m a cool mom, right?


Leopard Print Dress + Moto Jacket + Snakeskin Platform Sandals

Ok definitely embracing a pattern here, printed dress + moto jacket, but honestly my office is FREEZING and even though I have an array of cardis in rotation, they’re so lame, and I”m really over blazers rn, so I’ve been falling back on my moto jacket a lot recently (seriously, so worth the splurge  — I waited way too long to get mine). BTW, this Tory Burch dress actually has a cool tie neck, and I bought it like 8 years ago and then almost got rid of it in an insane closet purge because I felt so over it, but now I’m sort of into it again. I like the silhouette (not that you can full see) and the length.

Striped Ruffle Shirt + Cropped Jeans + Black Slides

This top was a steal from Zara. I’m just really feeling ruffles right now, which are also on my Stuart Weitzman mules. The mules are the perfect heel height and at first I was super bummed because they gave me blisters despite being comfy in every other way, and I was regretting what I had thought was an amazing score (I bought them on super sale), but now that my feet have gotten used to them or I’ve broken them in, they’re great. The cropped jeans are JBrand and were my reward to myself for fitting back into my pre-baby jean size. I have been living in them because they’re basically stretchy but not too stretchy, but I sorta feel like they’re not that flattering on me because I don’t have the longest of legs but like whatever, fashun right? Sorry the old boyfriend cardigan is ruining the look but I wasn’t joking when I said my office is FREEZING.

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Jodi Robin August 6, 2017 - 3:57 am

I love this new series! I’ve been reading your blog for about a year and I really enjoy your writing and identify strongly with the styles you feature. I didn’t realize until today that this is exactly what’s been missing. You! So nice to meet you. Definitely keep this series.

krismkoch August 6, 2017 - 6:31 pm

Thanks so much. That means so much to me and so glad you like it.

krismkoch August 22, 2017 - 12:59 am

Thanks so much! This means so much and I’m so excited to get the feedback and will definitely incorporate it into the blog.

Naomi Nind August 9, 2017 - 12:41 pm

Yes! Definitely like the “you” part. Please keep it in.



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