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What to Wear Home From the Hospital After Giving Birth

by krismkoch

Ok, so I’m so going to be that annoying person and stage a little photoshoot when we leave the hospital this time. With James, I legit wore sweats and glasses home (did not pack a proper hospital bag) and felt really embarrassed. But I’m sad we didn’t document that moment, not just for the Insta likes, but because it’s such a special and life-changing moment. It would be nice to have a pic from it, but I was so embarrassed by my appearance, I just wanted to get out of there asap. This time, I’m going to be prepared with a cute outfit to wear home from the hospital after giving birth.

Listen, I’m not trying to be Kate Middleton here. I’m not going to be calling the Glam Squad for a blowout (though I am slightly tempted), but I do want to have the opportunity to throw on something cute for that pivotal moment as we take home our new bundle of joy. I may still end up wearing sweats home, but at least I’ll have the option. Last time, I really didn’t know what I would be able to wear. TMI but I had a lot of stitches so I was wearing a diaper and wee pad (yes, like you use to potty train your dog) home from the hospital. In case that happens again, I’m going to go for a roomy dress, one that I can wear now at the end of my pregnancy but also when I leave the hospital. That will be easier than pulling on pants if I’m in a similar boat. Plus, dresses are so easy to throw on and feel pretty, and it’s going to be August still (unless baby is late), so it’ll be hot outside.

I love this dress I found for under $100! It’s so pretty and light and airy, so it’s perfect for the end of summer. It has tiered ruffles, so it’ll be good at hiding the post-partum six month bump that no one tells you you’ll still have when you leave the hospital, and I can wear it until I give birth, which is ideal because I’m seriously running out of options.

On Me: Dress; Sandals; Bag

I’ve rounded up more of my favorite dresses for coming home from the hospital after having a baby.

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