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What To Wear To Fall Brunch

by krismkoch

The best part about fall when you live in the city is brunch. In summer, there’s always this mass exodus come Friday to head out to the Hamptons or wherever else is sunny and by the water, but come fall, everyone’s back in town and it’s still nice enough that people haven’t started hibernating. Personally, I love the excuse to whip out my cozy sweaters and weekend attire yet I still always debate about what to wear. Probably because I’m catching up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile and I want to look like I have my act together (I don’t). Actually I stress out way too much over what to wear to weekend brunch, which is supposed to be relaxing, right? That’s why I’ve gathered up all the weekend brunch outfit inspo that I can cop and not try to reinvent the wheel and think about how to look chic before I’ve had my coffee and eggs.

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