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what to wear to play golf

I don’t love to play golf. I should. I grew up on a golf course, was junior club champ at the age of 7, and have a trophy the size of James to prove it. But I just find it…boring and honestly, frustrating. I know some people love the challenge aspects of golf pose, like putting, but it just makes me angry when the ball refuses to go into the hole, and I don’t handle my frustrations well. I go full on Happy Gilmore on the putting green. I don’t love standing in the hot sun for hours. Fresh cut grass makes me sneeze. And it’s not the kind of workout you get with a sport like tennis or paddle. These days, if I have four to five free hours, I can think of a million other ways I’d like to spend it. It feels like the type of thing I’ll pick up in retirement or when the kids are older. But my husband likes to golf, and so on special occasions, I humor him by playing golf. Such a special occasion is coming up (lucky me!). We are heading down to Kiawah so Andrew can spend his birthday playing golf, and I have agreed to play a round with my dear husband on his birthday (and to watch the kids on the other days) — wife of the year here, really. But between moving and pregnancies and kids and sheer avoidance, I haven’t played golf in a couple of years, and I just realized I need to think about what to wear to play golf while we’re down in Kiawah.

Not surprisingly, my nonexistent golf wardrobe needs an update. I find I tend to get more excited about things when I have a cute outfit to wear, so I am starting to look for cute golf outfits for our trip. I am happy to report that like tennis clothes, golf clothes for women have come a long way. I figured I can’t be the only one who may be wondering what to wear to play golf, so I rounded up some cute golf clothes and accessories.

White Polo With Black Trim

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