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Where to Order Holiday Cards

by krismkoch
where to buy holiday cards

Holiday cards can feel like such a production. You have to organize that family photo shoot, and coordinate all the outfits. Even if you’re skipping the profesh photos, you have the pressure of trying to take a Christmas card-worthy photo all year long and torturing your family to all smile and look at the camera and pretend to be having fun during every vacation and outing with a photo-worthy backdrop. Then you need to choose the cards and make sure your photo fits with the design, choose the right saying (huge debate in our family) and any extra messages, get everyone’s addresses, and then stuff, stamp and send them all (and if you’re a masochist like me, address them by hand because you couldn’t get the simple spreadsheet to work to have them addressed for you). It’s a lot. That’s why it’s really important to figure out where to order holiday cards from. Trust me, the right spot can make the whole process so much easier, addressing the envelopes for you, printing your return address, and even stamping and sending them. The right card purveyor will also offer the right level of customization and card options without overwhelming you, while allowing you to choose unique holiday cards that everyone else won’t have.

We’ve used a few different places over the years, so I feel like I’m somewhat of an expert in the where to order holiday cards department, and while I have had great experiences with Minted, Shutterfly and some other retailers, I am a convert to a smaller operation called Artifacts Uprising. What I like about their cards is that they don’t have an overwhelming array of options, so you don’t have to spend hours agonizing over the design. The interface is super easy to use and they’ll do the addressing and all that for you if you’d like. They have special touches like gold foiling and I love that the designs aren’t ones you see everywhere else, so you won’t be sending the same cards as half your friends and family. Plus, they’re having a big sale right now and you can get up to 20% off your cards. We chose the Very Merry Card, which I love for its simplicity and elegance, but there are plenty of styles to choose from.

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