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My Favorite Shows to Watch With My Husband

by krismkoch
best TV shows for couples

Like everyone else, we’ve been watching a ton of TV and movies since Covid began. Obviously, we’ve been staying in a lot, between lockdowns, quarantining and social distancing, so date night often consists of takeout and finding a new TV show to binge-watch. And you know, spending way too much time looking for shows for couples that we’ll both like before one of us calls it quits and just goes to bed.

Watching a new TV series with my husband is how I wind down at the end of the day or a long week these days. I don’t know about you, but now more than ever, I feel like I need a good diversion, and finding a TV series I can’t stop watching is the best distraction I’ve found in quarantine. One thing that really annoys me though is it can be really hard to find good shows for couples — series’s my husband and I can both enjoy, start to finish. We waste needless amounts of time looking for and debating what show to watch next, and half the time, we end up agreeing to disagree and I’ll leave him to watch something I’m not interested and go to bed to watch something I actually want to watch, which abruptly puts an end to date night.

My husband and I have different tastes in programming for sure, but we’ve actually found a surprising number of shows to binge watch together. So if you’re looking for some good shows for couples that you can stream, I’ve pulled together a list of our favorites. You might actually be surprised to see ones like Gilmore Girls and our most recent watch, Bridgerton on there, but quarantine will do funny things to you and your marriage. Pro tip: When you watch football almost every night (why is it ALWAYS on?!), you earn yourself first pick of shows, and it’s funny how easily husbands can become hooked on shows they initially resist like a certain period drama that’s pretttty steamy.

Here are my favorite shows for couples, or at least the shows we’ve enjoyed watching together. Happy date night binging. And please share your favorite shows to watch — we’re running low on content!

Gilmore Girls


Stranger Things

Never Have I Ever

Schitt’s Creek

The Crown

Cobra Kai


The Wire

The West Wing


Virgin River



The Ranch

Umbrella Academy

Emily in Paris

Designated Survivor

The Sinner

Tiger King

Dead to Me

The Queen’s Gambit

Breaking Bad


Mind Hunter

The Good Place

The People Vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story

The Flash


House of Cards

The Mandolorian


Making a Murderer

How to Get Away with Murder

Grey’s Anatomy

30 Rock

The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones


The Undoing

True Detective

Perry Mason


Silicone Valley

The Sopranos

Night Of

True Blood

Boardwalk Empire

Big Love

The Prodigal Son


Burn Notice



Jack Ryan

The Man in the High Castle

The Night Manager


Teen Wolf

Unsolved Mysteries

The Boys

Friday Night Lights



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