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Easy Outfit Formula: Dresses & Sneakers

by krismkoch

Dresses are my summertime staple. They’re easy, breezy, and always make you look put-together. I love that you just need to add shoes, and you’re good to go. It makes getting dressed for work a thousand times easier, especially if you’re commuting. But with summer bringing a more casual vibe, even to the office, sometimes a fancier dress can feel like overkill. While flat sandals can definitely tone down the look, I’m loving the sporty twist a pair of sneakers can give your fave summer dress. It’s low-key but somehow more work-appropriate than flip-flops, and if you live in the city, infinitely less gross. In fact, dresses and sneakers are my favorite summer outfit.

I wear dresses and sneakers to the park and playground and really any event where I’ll be bringing the kids, because I know I can chase after them. When the weather gets warm and all you want to wear is a dress, sneakers are a great way to tone down the look if you’re just out for a grocery or school run. I also don’t love commuting in sandals — the subway floors can be yuck and I have this crazy fear of a mouse or rat running over my feet while I wait for a train. That’s why you’ll pretty much only see me wearing dresses and skirts to work in summer. With the right sneakers, the look can feel really intentional and put-together, not at all ’80s working mom.

Sneakers work with pretty much any type of dress too. I love sneakers with a pretty nap dress or maxi dress. I’ve seen a lot of sneakers and slip dresses lately and it’s such a great outfit for a day date, or party. Or for a night out when you know you’re going to be on your feet a lot. I also love the way sneakers look with a short dress. It makes it feel less sexy and try-hard. If you want to feel really editorial, wear a crazy party dress or ball gown with sneakers. You’ll look like you belong in the pages of one of the fashion magazine I edit. Really, sneakers go  with any type of dress.

Here are my favorite dresses and skirts outfits.






refinery 29


refinery 29





all black-converse sneakers-moot jacket-goyard-summer to fall transitional dressing-

sincerely jules

dresses and sneakers-lbd-trench coat-duster coat-summer to fall transitional dressing-

fashion gone rouge

shirt dress-shirtdress-converse-sneakers and dresses-lwd-summer to fall transitional dressing-orange coat-boyfriend blazer coat-

shot from the street

stripes-slip dress-slipdress-tshirt shirt under slipdress-sneakers and dresses-

fashion me now

fall work outfits-fisherman sweater-dresses and sneakers-all white-shirtdress shirt dress-what to wear to work-summer to fall dressing-


black and white-sneakers and dresses-adidas sneakers-tshirt under slip dress-slipdress-

blame it on fashion

summer work outfit-army green-dresses and sneakers-ps


slip dress-sneakers and dresses-shirt under dress-summer work outfit-

the fashion guitar

sneakers and dresses-summer dress-weekend-vacation-sightseeing-sneakers-hbz


sneakers and dresses-ruffles-spring summer dress-australia fashion week-ref

refinery 29

slip dress sneakers-nightie-summer party-dresses and sneakers-

we wore what

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