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How to Decorate With Mirrors

by krismkoch
how to decorate with mirrors

One of my favorite decorating tricks is to hang a mirror. Mirrors not only serve as (affordable) wall decor, but they can also reflect light, making a room appear bigger. And, of course, they are functional, not only for checking that your shirt isn’t on backwards and your hair looks okay, but also for snapping selfies. Recently, I’ve seen lots of gorgeous mirrors, many of which are on major sale — so many so, that I’m actually having trouble deciding which to order for our new home. How many mirrors is too many and of course, the question of how to decorate with mirrors.

I’m thinking we’ll use one mirror for our dining room, maybe one in the living room, one in the entrance, and one in Charlie’s room. I also would love a really cool standing mirror for our room. Is that insane? The only reason it sort of doesn’t feel that crazy is the rooms are all fairly large with lots of wall space to fill, they’re spread out enough that it won’t be like walking through a fun house, AND I can buy like five mirrors for half the price of a piece of a single piece of art work…. I rounded up a lot of my favorite affordable mirrors, but I also wanted to share some tips for how to decorate with mirrors.

Mirrors are a great way to make a room look larger. I like to place them opposite a window to brighten a room and give the illusion of more windows and light. We’re doing this in in our dining room. It’s a large room with only one smaller window. They also serve a practical purpose. I like to place a tall mirror behind bathroom or closet or bedroom doors, or in a space that has a nice background so I can see my outfit and take cute mirror selfies obviously. Mirrors are also a nice way to create the illusion of a bigger room. A large room can do just that, especially when placed opposite an opening or window.

Help! Which of these should we scoop up?

how to decorate with mirrors
how to decorate with mirrors
how to decorate with mirrors

From top left:

Bamboo Octagonal Mirror (similar here I also love)

Gold Geometric Octagonal Mirror

Oval Rattan Mirror

D Ring Bamboo Mirror (currently 20% off)

Rope Floor Mirror (also 20% off)

Antique Brass Ornate Mirror

White Wave Mirror

Gold Arched Rectangular Mirror

Gold Octagonal Bamboo Mirror

Rattan Circular Scallop Mirror

Off White Arched Scroll Mirror

Rectangular Gold Leaf Mirror

Rattan Scalloped Mirror

Large Gold Arched Mirror

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