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How to Wear A White Sundress in the Middle of Winter

by krismkoch

One of the best tricks I’ve learned working among the most innovative and stylish people (aka fashion editors, really editors because everyone is stylish here) is how to rewear pieces in creative ways to stretch my wardrobe. Not only is it chicer and more original, rather than the same sweater or dress every blogger or model is wearing, but it’s also economical. As you may have heard, publishing isn’t racking in the big bucks these days (let’s be serious, it never really has – it’s something you do because you love creating not because you want to make a ton of money) and the stereotype of eds rolling in free shit is definitely overplayed. We totally get a lot of free stuff to try – mostly beauty products and food, they – but designers aren’t just sending over free clothes every day. Those racks of clothes and shoes you see in fashion closets are usually borrowed samples that get sent back after shoots. My point is that the amazing outfits you often see on editors, which is a daily fashion show I’m lucky enough to witness, is the result of really talented styling and creativity. They know what designer pieces to invest in, what pieces to buy at the Zara’s and the H&M’s of the world, and how to mix it all together with stuff they own. They know how to find great deals on designer pieces as well as where to source one of a kinds, and they always know how to dress their real bodies and look good. Everyone has their own unique style and look and embraces it, which is part of the secret, but these people are also crazy talented. They’re the ones who style the looks you see in mags, online and in vids. Many have gone on to start their own fashion businesses and clothing lines for a reason.

The number one trick I’ve learned is how to stretch a single dress for a million seasons and years really. Let’s face it: dresses are usually pretty expensive but then you wear them to death and get sick of them after a season. But an easy way to stretch them is to style them
Into a skirt by throwing a jacket or sweater over or to throw them over pants and belt them like a tunic. It’s an especially great way to wear summer clothes into winter, especially since summer dresses are so much more fun to buy.

This white maxi dress is actually a thousand years old from J.Crew. Like legit I think it might be ten years old. I wore it to death for two summers and then tucked it away for awhile but recently I saw an editor in a white dress she had styled with winter layers and she looked so chic, so I gave it a go. Adding a sweater, boots and a furry jacket made this look work for the office and I got more compliments than on the brand new dress I spent way too much on that i wore the day before. On really cold days I’ve also tried it with a leather jacket over the sweater or a super chunky sweater and my favorite Adidas sneakers.

White Maxi Dress (old J.Crew but similar here); Turtleneck Sweater; Black Lace-Up Boots (old but similar here on super sale); Leopard Print Coat (on super sale here); Black Tote

Are these tips helpful? Would you like to see more? I’m debating whether to make this a weekly franchise so let me know if you’d like to see more style hacks/tricks like this or if there’s anything else you’d rather see.

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Lauren February 14, 2018 - 10:51 pm

Definitely +1000 on making these kinds of posts more regular!

krismkoch February 16, 2018 - 2:45 am

Yay! Thanks!



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