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What I Wore This Week (No. 10)

by krismkoch

This week was one of those weeks. In addition to being all-around crazy, it also kicked off NYFW, which means pressure was on to dress. But I also was battling a cold, like everyone else I know, and it was bitterly cold in NYC, which meant it was hard to motivate to get out of bed, much less get dressed. I seriously struggled, but I felt better seeing my fellow editors also in jeans, boots and puffer jackets on their way to fashion shows. It’s just too damn cold for anything right now. Here’s how I dressed for my week.


I had a crazy Monday, with doctor appointments, a breakfast meeting, and tons to do at work. I didn’t have a ton of meetings so I went with a more casual look, but stepped it up heeled booties and my new favorite leopard print coat.

Cream Sweater; High-Waisted Jeans; Leopard print coat; Grey booties (old but similar here); Sunglasses


Another cold AF day and my day was packed to the brim with meetings and projects, after James kept me up most of the night with a cough, so I went with all-black to really speak to how I felt. Culottes were comfy but look polished and I paired it with a cashmere sweater and fluffy jacket to stay warm because it was frigid and I was running late (per usual) and therefore, had a wet head.

Culottes (old Zara but similar here); Turtleneck Sweater; Black Boots (old but similar here and here); Striped Faux Fur Coat (PS: It’s on super sale!)


For the first day of Fashion Week, I felt like I needed to try so I tried to throw together one of my most fashun outfits. This white skirt is actually a sundress and I winterized it with black boots and a cashmere sweater and another leopard print coat. I have a problem, but I can’t help myself, it’s different enough, right?

White Maxi Dress (old J.Crew but similar here); Turtleneck Sweater; Black Lace-Up Boots (old but similar here on super sale); Leopard Print Coat (on super sale here); Black Tote


Man this Thursday really felt like a Friday. It was a ~day~ start to finish, and I was exhausted, I just really didn’t want to get dressed. Sadly, I had a few shows to attend and some important people coming into the office and really didn’t want to feel like a schmuck so I braved the cold with a dress and tights. This old Thakoon dress was actually a pregnancy staple because it has no waist. Sadly, that means that it swallows me up now, so I layered a turtleneck underneath and a moto jacket on top to help balance it out and stay warm. I repeated boots, but honestly, I didn’t have time to look for any other shoes, because I was running late per usual after procrastinating on leaving so I could spend a few extra minutes with James.



Old Thakoon Dress (old but similar here and here); Leather Moto Jacket; Turtleneck; Black Lace-Up Boots (old but similar here on super sale)


I don’t think I’ve ever felt so thankful for a Friday before. I wanted to wear sweats to work and almost did, but decided to go with a more presentable look. I mostly had internal meetings with my team, so I didn’t need to look super boss lady, but I had one show to go to after work, so I wanted to step it up with my outerwear and shoes. I figured I could just wrap myself in my coat and look like I had a cuter outfit on underneath. And hey, I wore heels … on a Friday … in 20 degrees. Don’t I deserve a medal for that?

Tory Burch Sweater (on sale!); High-Waisted JeansLeopard Print Coat (on sale!); Block Heels

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