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What To Wear Over the Fourth of July

by krismkoch
fourth of july outfits

Want to show your patriotic side this Fourth of July without looking cheesy? I put together easy Fourth of July outfit ideas to help you look festive no matter what your plans are. While I’m a fan of embracing red, white and blue on the Fourth of July, the combo can come off as cheesy if you go too far with the flags and stars. I am all about being festive, but I prefer a festive nod to the holiday with a red, white and blue color pattern, but I save the flag shorts for my husband.

We’ll be spending the Fourth at the pool and beach, soaking up as much sun, corn on the cob, ice cream, and family time as we can. I don’t know about you, but July 4th is one of my favorite holidays. Everything slows down, so you get to truly check out of work (for the most part) and enjoy the warm weather, parades, and beach. My husband loves fireworks, so we plan to take in a professional show and then go to the lake house to engage in a friendly fireworks competition with the neighbors. Since we’re going to be all over the place for the holiday, I’m gathering lots of Fourth of July outfit ideas. I have a feeling the long weekend will require several outfit changes.

I always like to look a little extra cute for the Fourth, especially since this year we’ll actually be able to see people outside of our immediate family. I put together some Fourth of July outfit ideas to help you pack or plan for your holiday.

Outfit 1

what to wear on 4th of July

Dress; Sneakers; Jacket

Outfit 2

fourth of july outfits

Dress; Sandals; Headband

Outfit 3

july 4th outfits

Dress;Sandals; Headband

Outfit 4

what to wear to watch fireworks

Top; Shorts; Sandals

Outfit 5

beach party outfit

Dress; Sandals; Earrings

Outfit 6

fourth of july outfit ideas

Dress; Sandals; Clutch

Outfit 7

summer outfits

Dress; Sandals; Earrings

Outfit 8

fourth of july outfit ideas

Dress; Sandals; Earrings

Outfit 9

what to wear on the fourth of july

Dress; Sandals; Bag

Outfit 10

july 4th outfits

Shirt; Shorts; Bag

Outfit 11

fourth of july outfit ideas

Dress; Sandals; Bag

Outfit 12

july 4th outfit

Top; Jeans; Sandals

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